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Thank You Trilogy

by Elaine Herbert on 03/03/16

Thank you very much to our New Zealand based friends Trilogy for their donation to the Mophato oa Mant’sase Society!


This organic skincare company recently visited Lesotho for business purposes and visited Mants’ase informally. After traveling back to New Zealand they surprised us with a very generous donation.


Even more importantly, they indicated that the donation is unrestricted!


Most of the funding we receive is restricted to those costs and expenses the sponsor is willing to cater for. Because these decisions are often made many months before this money is spent, we frequently find ourselves in a situation where the funds we have cannot be used to cover all costs, or certain necessities are then neglected.


While restricted funding will continue to be a very important and major source of funding for the Home, relying too heavily on restricted funding leaves us financially vulnerable, particularly when situations and/or expenses arise that could not have been planned for.


Unrestricted funds are essential for our sustainability and we are very grateful to Trilogy for demonstrating their trust in our ability to use their donation wisely by contributing generously to our unrestricted funds.


Our most sincere gratitude!

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